The Ethereum network is 1090 decentralized applications and more than 700 tokens

The Ethereum network is 1090 decentralized applications and more than 700 tokens

In 2017 in Ethereum (ETH) was deployed 1090 decentralized applications (DApps) and there were more than 700 tokens.

According to Christian Crowley, business analyst Etherium Alethio, on average, about 100,000 new users daily join the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition, the Ethereum network that handles millions of transactions daily, said Crowley, speaking on may 28 at the “ConsenSys Community Day”, which aims to promote the development of ETH in Israel.

According to Crowley, there are currently 29.2 million unique addresses ETH.

Vanessa Grelle, Executive Director, ConsenSys, new York, the company-software developer, Ethereum, noted that the technique has significant potential to solve such problems as assistance to thousands of survivors of the Holocaust who currently live in poverty.

In a separate statement, Jeremy Millar, head on work with the personnel in ConsenSys and founding member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, said that the key question which should be answered by the developers and founders in the field of blockchain, is: “I build the blockchain for their business, or I’m building a business for the blockchain?” According to Millar, it is possible to successfully pursue both goals.

Blockchain technology is being promoted worldwide, from the world’s largest jewelry manufacturer of diamonds De Beers Group to the American transportation giant Norfolk Southern Corp (NSC).

At the same time, the Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies (CAICT) has published a report on 28 may, which stated that only 8% of the blockchain projects that have ever been launched, still working, and the average life of the projects in this niche is only 15 months.

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