The end of anonymity: Bitmain was asked to produce a passport to buy ASIC miners

The end of anonymity: Bitmain was asked to produce a passport to buy ASIC miners

Until recently, buy ASIC miner was not difficult. In General, the procedure was to transfer the requested amount to the account of the manufacturer and the delivery address. It’s not so simple: anyone who wants to buy a device for mining company Bitmain, are required to present their passport details.

According to information received from an official letter, 24 August the company launched a user authentication system. Bitmain requests as soon as possible to get the identification procedure in order to avoid blocking of accounts or limitations on purchases.

“The process of identification and authorization start on the official website 24.08.2018 00:00 (UTC / GMT +8). Please complete authentication as soon as possible, otherwise the purchase could be restricted/blocked”

The reason for such measures — the need for compliance with regulatory requirements. Because of this, the company is obliged to store users ‘ personal information, including name, identification number, passport number and residential address. Fill in all necessary data in the tab “User Center”.

It is alleged that the information collected will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent. Exception — the need to fulfill governmental, legal or other regulatory requirements.

Bitmain urged to provide only accurate information to avoid problems that may occur during subsequent editing.

Unwilling to reveal their identity to face limitations. The limit will be $0 for those who did not send the documents and for those who have not passed the test. The first class from China is waiting for a limit of 43 thousand dollars.

The transition period will last a month: from 24 August to 24 September.

It seems that the cryptocurrency world is increasingly imposing the procedure of “Know your customer”. Recall that in late July, this step went hashcoins datacenter, violating the terms of the contracts with users.

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