The end of an era hardforum Bitcoin

The end of an era hardforum Bitcoin

Bitcoin has experienced over 40 hardforum, in which there were new tokens. However, as shown by a recent study, the market mood will destroy most of them.

To be “Bitcoin maximalist” is not so crazy as you think. In its latest market research study by the Hong Kong trade platform BitMEX has identified 42 of the token that “pojavilis after hardforum Bitcoin”.

In addition to pioneering Bitcoin Cash, the list includes a lot of tokens, of which nothing came out — Hot Bitcoin, Bitcoin Faith and even Bitcoin Pizza.

Hardforce become very popular in 2017. Many users felt that this phenomenon could be the next stage of the investment life, but all the attention eventually went to ICO.

Hardforce lost its former glory. For example, the February hardwork who created Litecoin Cash was received very contradictory, and the founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee actually called him a fraud.

Summing up his research, BitMEX verdict — the Bitcoin ecosystem has outgrown hardforce.

The researchers ‘ findings coincide with an informal overview of the altcoins markets, which are gaining strength in social networks.

Frederico Teng, chief expert on cryptocurrency EY, analyzed the screenshot of top ten cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap in 2013. As the expert pointed out — most of the altcoins during this time disappeared.

“Let’s see how many of the current “blockchains, a new generation” will remain by 2023,” he said.

None of the altcoins not traded above $ 3.70 points, while Bitcoin reached $ 123.

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