The developers Siacoin talking about “disabling” devices Bitmain with soft-fork

The developers Siacoin talking about “disabling” devices Bitmain with soft-fork

Active members of the community Siacoin made a proposal to hold a soft-fork in the network of the coin to make it impossible for mining with Antminer A3, but changed his mind at the last moment (though not completely), and Bitmain called “bad actor” in the world of cryptocurrency.

As becomes clear from the blog operating Vice President Siacoin Zach Herbert (Zach Herbert), the possibility of soft-fork, which would make it impossible for mining coins “astami” Bitmain was discussed in the community very actively, however, at the last moment it was decided not to do that, as mass mining will benefit the coin.

The response of Sia and Bitmain

Recently, Bitmain announces Antminer A3, “asik”-miner to Siacoin. Although it is described as a “miner Blake2b”, A3 has been designed exclusively for mining Siacoin. The miners A3 at the moment are delivered to clients worldwide, and Hasrat network Sia crossed the mark of 1.4 PH/s.

In recent days, a lot of things happened, including published an open letter from many of the elders of the community of Sia, in favour of the fork, which would make it impossible for mining with Bitmain devices. Community member Michael Lynch (Michael Lynch) compiled a useful timeline of recent events.

Asik and high Hasrat useful for network Sia. We recently published a blog post with detailed information about advantages of ASIC. In short, ASIC mining means that Sia is protected from 51% attacks – even if the production of
relatively concentrated among a small number of pools and

When Bitmain announced the miners Sia without warning, we, of course, was concerned. Bitmain has
a certain reputation in the Bitcoin network, actively engaged in fact that undermines the main improvements blocking important network updates (Segwit),
supporting controversial fork (Bitcoin to Cash), creating backdoors (Antbleed) and
more. We believe Bitmain bad actor in the space of cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, we recognize that we have a conflict of interest. Our own Obelisk SC1 now directly competes with the A3 from Bitmain. Although
we have the ability to release a version of Sia, which will make
invalid A3 with a soft-fork, we believe that to make it to
how Bitmain is attacking our network will become centralized
monopoly step rather than a proactive defensive measure.

So currently we don’t support the soft-fork.

Over the past few months we’ve thought a lot about our values. We have identified three key truths that represent SIa:

It is important to do everything right. We’re not cutting corners. We are focused and realistic, thought out and predictable. Decisions
we are taking and the code that we write are
fundamental – they must be solid because they have
to withstand the test of time. Every choice is a choice that we will live in the long term.We are creating an empowered community. We believe in the power of many. We can’t do it alone. For success we need active members that contribute and create value. We share a common set of beliefs is justice and decentralization.Internet for everyone. The concentration of power among several online players is not good for the world. We will return independence to the people. Our
distributed, decentralized storage is more powerful
safer, more effective and more equitable for all. The Internet should not be controlled by a few – it belongs to everyone.

this time the choice of soft-fork would compromise our values as
the company and the community, even though Bitmain is a serious threat to
network Sia.

So, what can we do to make sure that Bitmain behave well? First of all
the fork is still an option if Bitmain openly attacking
network of Sia or will actively resist important software updates
provisions. The community can still decide to do nedeistvitelni all equipment Bitmain, if your network will be attacked. If
Bitmain will take any action to harm the project Sia
we will use the soft-fork to deactivate their devices.

Second, we will encourage buyers of the A3 to join the friendly mining-pools, such as Luxor and SiaMining.

we will encourage as many manufacturers of ASIC, including
Obelisk, – to develop the production miners to Siacoin in order to create a reliable
competitive ecosystems with lots of options for the customers.

fourth, we will strive to create a decentralized mining pools, and to invest resources in new research, such as
the microchips, which see mining as an external service and not as a means of income.

We understand that this decision may disappoint those who signed the open letter, as well as many other members of the community. And
it can also disappoint buyers Obelisk, which hoped to compete with the owners of other ASIC miners.

But it is important
we remain true to our values and built Sia as the best in the world
a network of decentralized storage, petabytes, then exabytes of stored data. We’re trying to do more than just build a company – we try to create a new Internet Protocol. We are trying to create a separate storage for the Internet. And so we can’t afford to damage our reputation and divide the community while we’re still so young.

For 2018 we will take key steps to attract attention
to Sia, including the launch of a new website, revision of the brand, fundraising and
creating partnerships with various companies. We
I hope that these actions will increase the value Siacoin, so that all miners, including buyers Bitmain and Obelisk, will receive
highly profitable equipment.

And we welcome all new customers Bitmain as members of the community of Sia.

All the best,

– Team Sia.

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