The developers have found a vulnerability in ban applications for mining from Google

The developers have found a vulnerability in ban applications for mining from Google

Although initially mining cryptocurrency was task, shouldered powerful PC or ASIC-s, some pioneers have decided to create apps that will allow smartphones to get the crypt. These applications quickly became popular in cryptosphere, as users sought to get some cryptocurrency by using the easy to use mobile programs on the principle “install and forget”.

At the end of July 2018, Google has done everything possible to put an end to these applications:

“We do not allow applications to mine cryptocurrency on devices. But we allow applications to remotely control the mining of cryptocurrencies”

As a result of this rule, all applications that provide the possibility of cryptocurrency mining was forcibly removed from Google Play. However, recently it became known that the ban was not fully effective.

British developers have managed to bypass the restrictions and add in the Google app JSECoin for cryptocurrency mining on smartphone — analogue of the hidden miner for Monero Coinhive.

Although the main function of JSECoin is remote control of equipment for mining, the application offers a secondary function — mining cryptocurrency directly to your phone, which obviously contradicts the new policy of Google. However, according to co-founder and technical Director JSECoin, John SIM, his company didn’t have an ulterior motives when they added this feature. Shortly after the publication of the information Google has removed the app from Google Play JSE.

Though the JSE and was removed still in Google Play, there are still many such applications that do not comply with Google’s rules, which seem at present are rather recommendatory. For example, a popular application for mining MinerGate, from the description which follows that it allows you to earn up to five pounds in a month.

Although MinerGate over 1 000 000 downloads skeptics argue that the developers profit is a blatant lie. For example, James Dawson-Show wrote:

“It is impossible to earn such money through a mobile device. To profit was 5 pounds per month need PC. The developer is the only one who gets rich using the power of millions of smartphones.”

According to a recent statement by Google, the company allows applications for mining to be in Google Play only during the grace period immediately after application. Although this explains the presence of the above-mentioned applications, it is still unclear how the JSE slipped through the radar of Google.

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