The developer of Bitcoin Cash created a new algorithm for achieving consensus. The community is angry

The developer of Bitcoin Cash created a new algorithm for achieving consensus. The community is angry

Last Thursday, the lead developer Bitcoin Cash Amaury Sechet published an article on a social media platform about the method of a Protocol called “prior consensus”. According to Sucheta and other developers BCH, such as Peter Rison of Bitcoin Unlimited, a preliminary consensus can improve the time distribution of the blocks to increase the reliability of the transaction confirmation and to help delegates make decisions that are consistent with the terms of the consensus.

Amaury Sechet announced on his Twitter account that he wrote an article entitled “markets and provisional consensus.” The article discusses the concept of pre-consensus that Flogs describes how a Protocol that allows peers to agree on the size of the next block. Many developers have discussed this idea before, including the aforementioned Peter Rizun and made a presentation about a similar mechanism at the company conference Ledger during an interview on Vision Satoshi in Tokyo.

“I proposed this idea before the advent of Bitcoin Cash, writes Whips. — Pre-consensus — a set of tools that allows members of the network to match the settings of the next block. This increases the efficiency of the proof with zero disclosure and allows to improve the performance scalability: if the node has received the configuration information of the next block, the lion’s share of verification can be done in advance.”

Whips considers preliminary consensus “is too important to stop working on it”. As was the prior consensus were included in the road map Bitcoin Cash since the Foundation of the project, but still the progress was zero.

“Although these projects have value, it is obvious that I must focus on consensus,” — emphasizes the Whips. — Actions that I must take, probably will piss off many, but this is too important to postpone for later”

After Flogs published his idea, and colleagues began to share its article on social networks, Craig Wright, head of the research company Nchain spoke very harshly:

“No project will want to mess with that stuff”

Of course, the statement Wright made to the community is wildly excited.

The comments in the Reddit thread dedicated to the discussion of preliminary consensus, the number exceeded four hundred. Main review belongs to the lead developer of Bitcoin is Unlimited, Andrew stone:

“At Vision conference Satoshi Craig Wright said that his miners are going to detect and punish double spending, which are a form of prior consent. We don’t even know exactly what Minted offers. How can you outright reject this proposal and call it shit?”

Other known developers, for example, the founder Ryan, Charles, became interested in the idea of prior consensus. Charles recorded a number of videos devoted to this idea.

Other members of the community did not support the Protocol of pre-consensus and shared his opinion about a recent article of Sucheta. Especially interesting post in which the author compares preliminary consensus with Segwit and distorts, in his opinion, the basics of heritage Satoshi Nakamoto.

“If we agree on the fundamental algorithm changes, and take a preliminary consensus, Bitcoin will cease to be Bitcoin. No more Protocol described in the document, Satoshi”

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