The daily volume of trading on BitMEX reached one million bitcoins

The daily volume of trading on BitMEX reached one million bitcoins

Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) reported that within 24 hours from 23 to 24 July for its platform transactions have been made a million bitcoins.

As the price of Bitcoin has exceeded 8000 U.S. dollars, and the sum of daily trading volumes on main stock exchanges exceeds $ 5 billion, many analysts explain this recent performance BitMEX.

“Astronomical surge in trading volume combined with the steadily increasing price of Bitcoin reflects a deeper understanding of the potential users of the leading cryptocurrency to override the global markets”, — said CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes.

However, in comments to the media last week, Hayes was more pragmatic. Speaking to CNBC after the prices have already started to move up, he warned that to re-test all time highs of Bitcoin should ideally first fall to $ 5,000 or even lower.

“… If this happens, then the end of the year we will be able to see the price around 50,000 dollars.”

BitMEX previously was the owner of a “world record” when was the first stock exchange,
logged the largest candle in the entire history of crypto-currencies — $ 2 billion.

It should also be noted that BitMEX is not serving US customers, so the recent record of the exchange was installed thanks to Asian traders.

Sentiments among Bitcoin users remain lively — everyone expects a new impetus in connection with the launch of the ETF.

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