The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will open an office in USA

The cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will open an office in USA

Huobi, the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, previously considered the largest in the country, plans to open a new office in San Francisco.

Director of exchange on strategic issues Cai Kailong reported on January 26 blockchain Blockchain conference Connect. He noted that he had visited US the week before to help with preparations for the launch of the project.

Tsai explained that Huobi intends to increase its presence on the global level and a priority within this plan will be the establishment of American branch.

Press Secretary of the company confirmed that the exchange opens new headquarters in the heart of Silicon valley, and work in this direction is very active. He did not specify what exactly will the new office.

Huobi suspended service pairs trading in the yuan last year, when Chinese regulators banned the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. After that, many companies were forced to take their business abroad, and trade was carried out in pairs “cryptocurrency – cryptocurrency”.

New office in the United States could become another step in the international expansion of the company. Last month, the exchange announced the signing of an agreement with the investment company SBI Group, in which Japanese exchanges will be running additional trading pairs against the yen. SBI Virtual Currencies and Huobi Japan has not yet been divulged details of the agreement.

Also last week it became known that Huobi launches its own token Huobi Token (HT), оlнако the company said it is not going to ICO.

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