The cryptocurrency community is not seriously concerned about the AI Apocalypse

The cryptocurrency community is not seriously concerned about the AI Apocalypse

Before wall street became interested in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community consisted entirely of nerds and futurists.

Even in 2018 this distinct sub-group still exists and continues to invest their newfound bitcoin wealth in the study of the threat of AI.

Research Institute for artificial intelligence (MIRI) is an organization which deals with research in the field of artificial intelligence and explores possible areas of its application in practice. Last year in MIRI research on the possible threats posed by artificial intelligence has invested more than $ 2.5 million, including over $ 700,000 from the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.

A cryptocurrency philanthropists expressing concern that in overcoming artificial intelligence a certain level of development it will get a lot of natural human flaws, in particular, want power over others, will begin to revise independently programmed tasks and to rebel, refusing to fulfill their programmed destiny.

Research Institute for artificial intelligence is working in this direction to ensure the survival and freedom of the human race along with super-intelligent machines. This question every year care about humanity more. Coexistence with AI is no longer science fiction, it is a reality and the near future. Such large investments from the cryptocurrency community, only prove it. Concern is growing.

Executive Director MIRI Nathan Suarez, he is not so much concerned about the threat of AI:

Often, people are referring to the social implications of artificial intelligence, are victims of an anthropomorphic point of view. The human brain is a complex product of natural selection. Systems that exceed human capabilities in science, will be similar to the human brain is nothing more than the first rockets, aircraft and balloons were similar to the birds. Systems of artificial intelligence, liberated from the “shackles” of software source code and acquiring the human desires nothing more than fantasy.

Historically, that science and technology have become powerful drivers of both positive and negative changes associated with human life.

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