The cryptanalyst: trading with Bitcoin will turn into “turbulent waters”. What does it mean?

The cryptanalyst: trading with Bitcoin will turn into “turbulent waters”. What does it mean?

After 2018, more and more investors expect the beginning of growth phase of Bitcoin this year. However, some well-known cryptanalysts talking about the danger of unrealistic expectations regarding the niche. The cycles of market movements though again but it is not always possible to predict with sufficient accuracy.

Co-founder of Augur Joey Krug recently gave a very pessimistic interview with Bloomberg TV. Well-known investor said that in 2019 trading Bitcoin will be more similar to the “turbulent flow”. In other words, traders should prepare for sudden price spikes and falls of the main cryptocurrency.

How not to lose your money on Bitcoin

The coming months will not surprise, cryptocommunist “explosive growth”, but the price increase of Bitcoin you can still count on. However, the road to tutumunu will not be easy. Not excluded the new plum home cryptocurrency, which can knock out a huge number of long positions.

Statements Circle almost coincide with the point of view of the analyst Murad Makhmudov. Earlier, the expert also talked about the high probability of a new fall of Bitcoin down to $ 1,800. He also repeatedly announced excessive overvaluation altcoins like Ripple, Ethereum and EOS.

Joey the ring is still “optimistic” about the long-term future of the main cryptocurrency. He advised all investors to “move on” and focus on global goals growth coins. It is possible that the next trigger next bullrun will be halving Bitcoin in 2020.

In any case, 2019 will be rich in new developments and improvement of the fundamental background around Bitcoin. We are waiting for mass adoption of solutions like the Lightning Network, which will help to increase the popularity of digital assets in the world.

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