The Crimean version of mining — sink or swim

The Crimean version of mining — sink or swim

According to the news, the adoption of cryptocurrency in the Crimea is in full swing. Moreover, in the ranks of the miners were also employees of the government, which did not change the long-established global tradition and mainily Bitcoin in the workplace.

Caught in the hot, employees of the apparatus of the Crimean government was fined 30 000 rubles each. Also they were obliged to reimburse all the costs for electricity for the period of mining, and it is 57,000 rubles. In total, the guys got $2052,50 — sum for the average civil servant rather big. It seems that the would-be miners is sorry…If not for two key points. First, we have already announced, is a cryptocurrency that manilas. But the second is the period in which made the production of coins.

As has established a consequence, defendants carried out “the process of computing cryptocurrency Bitcoin” in the building of the government of the Republic on 20 September 2016 to 31 January 2017.

“Using e-wallet Webmoney they produced conversion is computed using a computer of the apparatus of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea units of cryptocurrencies in Russian rubles totaling more than 15 thousand rubles”, — stated in the message of investigators.

The total profit from mining the wallets of the accused amounted to $263,14. Someone may decide that mining in a government building was a disadvantage. Well, someone standing applaud to the guys who were able in time to bring definitely a lot of money, considering the period of mining and the rise of the price of Bitcoin.

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