The creators of Ethereum, OmiseGo and Cardano boycotting the conference Consensus 2018

The creators of Ethereum, OmiseGo and Cardano boycotting the conference Consensus 2018

The creators of Ethereum, Cardano and OmiseGo decided to boycott the largest cryptocurrency conference Consensus. The reason was the publication on the website CoinDesk, dated 26 April, which was published a controversial report about the surge in prices OmiseGo.

Consensus 2018 — the leading conference on the topic of cryptocurrencies, organized by CoinDesk. The event, which often takes place in the second quarter of each year, attracts many influential projects, developers, investors and public figures both from the financial sector and the cryptocurrency industry.

However, the Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson team OmiseGo and team Cosmos announced that it will participate in the event Consensus 2018 this year.

April 26, CoinDesk reported that the price OmiseGo increased by more than 30 per cent after listing Bithumb, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The author mistakenly put a link to a fraudulent website.

Almost immediately after the publication of the material the team OmiseGo wrote in the Twitter-account of the project:

Please, @ coindesk, links lead to the fraud site pretending to be a blog #OmiseGO. The real address of the blog:

After the statement of the team OmiseGo acne Buterin published a private post, which expressed concern about the quality of cryptocurrency journalism. Buterin said that he is boycotting the 2018 Consensus and urged the rest of the community to do the same.

According to Buterin, OmiseGo team, team Cosmos and team Ethereum and Cardano, including Charles Hoskinson, publicly stated that they will join Buterin and will not be at the event.

“We decided to join the acne Buterin well as Consensus 2018. We cannot in good conscience support a publication that exposes its readers to the risk of neglect and reacts rather hostile than humbly when error reported. As a community, we will make mistakes, trying to build something bigger and better than our small “I”. One of the most important things we must do if we want to succeed together is to recognize our mistakes and learn from them, ” said team OmiseGo.

Blockchain CEO of the Hong Kong companies IOHK Charles Hoskinson added to the above:

Please, @coindesk, protect its and our readers, the entire community, and will immediately remove the article altogether. Thank you.

But several experts and researchers in the field of cryptocurrency, including the CoinDesk team member Ryan Selkis not take “soft criticism” Baterina. They were surprised that the Creator of Ethereum condemned CoinDesk, since the last two years did not notice him this behavior:

Acne is mistaken in his criticism of the editorial Board, and demonstrates atypical for his lack of awareness about the state of content/media. He acted petty. I was very surprised that the man I so admired, admired his wisdom and maturity, so behaved! said Ryan Selkis

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