The Creator of the search engine Google has admitted that with 10-year-old son mainit Ether

The Creator of the search engine Google has admitted that with 10-year-old son mainit Ether

Co-founder of Google and President of Google Sergey Brin said at a summit hosted by sir Richard Branson that he, along with his son mainit Ethereum. Sergey also shared their excitement about the potential of evidence with zero disclosure, which lie at the basis of the zcash for privacy.

Sergey Brin, whose fortune is estimated at $ 52 billion, is the ninth richest man on the planet. Sergey spoke at the event about the potential of Blockchain technology to bring about good in the world.

Sergey Brin praised the block chain used in authentication of the records and stated that the technology of the distributed registry a great future:

“Every month there are awesome apps and new technology. In this sense, we live in an age of technological Renaissance. Great time! Now you can create applications for almost every segment of modern life.”

Also at the event were made by the drummer of “Guns n’ Roses” Matt Sorum, who said the function of the blockchain to protect the intellectual property rights of artists. Sorum, who now works on the live hosting platform Artbit, called the technology of the blockchain “rebellious” and “very rock-and-roll”:

“The user should have the right to buy the content in a way to reward the artist. And the blockchain can provide this interaction. And this is very useful smart contracts”.

Former SEC Commissioner Annette Nazareth, admitted that regulators understand “the power of the blockchain”. She also noted the importance of the fact that regulators did not recognize Bitcoin and Ether securities. Former CFTC Chairman Jim Newsome agreed that regulators are moving in the right direction, they just need time.

Well, it says that Ethereum further and further penetrates into the Silicon Valley. Does this mean that Google will take steps to integrate the cryptocurrency?

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