The company BitGo will guard bitcoin from wall street

The company BitGo will guard bitcoin from wall street

The big companies on wall street there are new ways to store bitcoins.

On Sunday it became known that based in Palo Alto, the company BitGo has introduced a new package to store bitcoins, intended for institutional investors who may be interested in the market.

The release of the product associated with the purchase BitGo American qualified service of traditional financial assets Kingdom Trust. The fact that the deal on the purchase is still awaiting regulatory approval does not stop BitGo support services Kingdom Trust.

The head of the company BitGo Tracy Olson noted that signing a release is the transition of the company to the status of full-featured vendor solutions for security both for ordinary customers and institutional investors:

“We definitely see a lot of big investors interested in digital currencies. But there are other customers like small hedge funds who simply do not want to take responsibility for custody of assets. They seek to obtain security through outsourcing, and that’s what really BitGo provides.”

Three levels of service include the “efficient storage”, in which BitGo offers secure storage and storage Trust in the Kingdom; “institutional storage” solution that allows customers to manage wallets, connected or disconnected from the Internet; and self-managed storage.

Thus, Olson is positioning the new service as a way that can appeal to all customers, both those who want to customize and manage wallets, and those who want others to manage the cryptographic keys needed to access funds.

“They are really aimed at different segments of the market because the market requires these three different solutions,” continued Olson.

For information about the client, Olsen pointed out that BitGo will not disclose the total value of the assets that it helps to store the company said that 15 percent of bitcoin transactions now happen through their wallets.

BitGo provides storage solutions for more than 20 crypto-currencies and the company aims to increase this figure in 2018.

“We are seeing huge demand from clients for various coins. We assess the viability of each of them, and then setting the priorities”, — he said.

New product BitGo also focuses on those who seek to do business on wall street.

Driven by such events as the launch of a Goldman Sachs specialized cryptocurrency platform, many traditional investors enter the cryptocurrency market. However, investments in security and storage behind for many years, as evidenced by the fact that today there are only a few providers of such services.

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