The collapse of the myth of the noble Hodler

The collapse of the myth of the noble Hodler

There is a persistent myth about a special human being, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Hodler. He has much there are other virtues, such as idealism, love of freedom, the proportion of anarchism and, of course, vision. They are forced to invest the available reserves of Fiat money into the crypt and then firmly hold on to it for ideological reasons — in fact, “hoglet”. Not to drop tokens, and even not to short gains or losses — including, in the most unexpected market reversal.

This special stratum of people of the future can be quite thin, but these pioneers never is a lot. But when the market go to the moon their enthusiasm will pay off — each of poterpevshim of hontarov will be rewarded with a personalized “Lambo” and, quite likely, a place in history.

The resilience of this myth can be explained including some of the market arguments. The first two dozen of the most popular cryptocurrency show a surprising survival rate, considering that by the standards of the person who is poorly versed in the technology, “afloat,” they hold only faith, and of some practical value, resulting from trade and exchange transactions involving tokens. No insurance funds or regulators, or even adequate reporting on the standards of the traditional economy here. That is, if cryptocurrency investing average investors who are used to playing by the rules of the stock exchange, they’d jump on such a minimal change trends that cryptologist not something that will ignore and not even notice.

If Bitcoin, despite the mixed, sometimes really bad news, year was kept in the neighborhood of $6.5 thousand, it really is possible to suspect the existence of a robust stabilizing element. For example, the army of hontarov.

About who exactly would stabilize the market, unfortunately, we can only guess, because a normal study in crypto-currencies is not very working. First, because of the lack of formal reporting: tax cost of securities is in contact with kriptosistema only indirectly or partially. Secondly, due to anonymity, privacy and decentralized nature of the blockchain. American company Clovr, which is engaged in the promotion of technology, conducted its own survey, which resulted in a portrait of the average investor in tokens. This portrait looks exactly like another group, which is characterized by the same market behavior, which is attributed to trying holleran of legends. The only motivation they have another.

Portrait Clovr shows that the most heavily invested in tokens Millennials, and not past generations, who have more free savings. What are two of the most active group of investors on property criterion is also the richest. And what key qualities when evaluating potential investments they have — the willingness to take risks, vision and innovation.

It draws us a very clear audience that is well aware of the fact that engaged in financing start the economy in General and information technology in particular. A typical young wealthy investor in high-tech, high-risk assets. Exactly the the category that 20 years ago was included in the Apple amid leadership changes and the young Amazon, 15 years ago, Google with its completely innovative business model 10 years ago, Tesla, and now partly turned into a kind of venture capitalists. The category, which can be guided by intuition and their own vision of the future, can afford some risk, but mostly ready to live ten years without breakthrough dividends for the chance to return a thousand percent.

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