The collapse of the cryptocurrency markets continues

The collapse of the cryptocurrency markets continues

Drop in cryptocurrency markets, which continues for several days many associate with negative news from the field of cryptocurrencies.

The two main news came from Asia, where last week was hacked one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea – Bithumb. As a result of hacking was stolen about 30 million dollars.

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In addition, towards the end of the week, the Japanese regulator sent a warning 6 the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the country in which it ordered immediately to improve business processes related to the procedures for customer verification and anti-money laundering.

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Of course negative news could not affect the prices of basic cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin (BTC) fell below US $ 6000, and currently is trading around 5900 dollars, the fall in 24 hours was approximately 4%.

Ethereum (ETH) dropped to 443 USD per day fell by 6%.

Of the top ten cryptocurrencies, EOS was the hardest hit, falling for the day amounted to nearly 14%.

Recently in the network the EOS, despite the recent launch of the core network, there is a lot of strange events. Manufacturers of 7 blocks of frozen accounts due to suspicions of phishing, without the consent of anyone. And recently came the order EOS Core Arbitration Forum on the termination of service 27 accounts without any explanation.

EOS is also one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange hacked on Bithumb, which, after the break fell from tenth to eleventh place in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume.

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, virtually all show a negative trend.

The total market capitalization of the market currently is around 240 billion US dollars.

This week was positive news. For Example, Mt. Gox will no longer sell bitcoins.

And Bithumb said that fully compensate for the loss of all their affected clients.

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