The CEO of Kraken “finishes” Coinbase

The CEO of Kraken “finishes” Coinbase

It seems that the exchange of cryptocurrency Coinbase, with each passing day getting worse, in particular due to the recent acquisition of the startup company Neutrino and leak personal user data that are sold to external sources, one of the contractors of the platform.

According to the head of sales Department Coinbase, Christine Sandler, a purchase decision Neutrino was accepted, mainly because they are a leader in the industry and provide best-in-class technology.

However, following today’s post of the General Director of the exchange Kraken, Jesse Paull, who asked his team on observance of requirements to study the question of Neutrino startup ranked last of the five products studied, but this option would still be excluded because of the risks.

In his message, Powell also mentions that the Neutrino offers a wide variety of analysis of the block chain and with regard to possible risks, the founder of the Neutrino is also the founder HackingTeam, the Italian company on cyber security, which is known to transmit information of Kaspersky Lab, GroupIB and other Russian firms closely associated with the FSB.

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