The bulls here: Top trader BitMEX came back with a positive Outlook after a few months of silence

The bulls here: Top trader BitMEX came back with a positive Outlook after a few months of silence

AngeloBTC back! For those who have not followed the top traders BitMEX, explain: Angelo is one of the most successful cryptoendoliths in the community exchange. In 2017, he managed to put together a fortune of tens of millions of dollars thanks to its great trading strategies.

Bearish trend is strongly influenced by the activity of the trader, in the second half of 2018, he published a total of six tweets. The last dates back to 27 October, when Angelo jokingly asked to fill out a petition for recognition of Bitcoin illegal discharges. Finally, this time the expert came to the public their own technical analysis long-term chart of the main cryptocurrency.

All will be well

The market capitalization of digital assets is still a drop in the ocean of the world’s wealth. Even at the price of a trillion dollars a Bitcoin is extremely undervalued. AngeloBTC believes that modern investors have a rare opportunity to make the most profitable investment in my life.

The future of Bitcoin the trader in the form of an ultimatum — either project will be a runaway success and he becomes a global currency, or ideas Satoshi Nakamoto go into oblivion. Himself experts more inclined to the first option. He even gave a very tangible forecast — 30 thousand dollars for 1 BTC by the beginning of 2021.

In the comments AngeloBTC congratulated on the return to the community.

“The king has returned to its rightful place.”

It is noteworthy that the point of view of the trader coincide with the forecast of the trader under the name Cane Island Crypto. Earlier this expert said that Bitcoin is still in a long term uptrend and will rise to 50 thousand dollars by 2022.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at $ 3900. Bitcoin still must overcome several resistance lines at levels of 4000, 4200 and 4500 dollars to start the medium-term uptrend.

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