The bulls approach? Traffic Reddit/bitcoin began to rise, for the first time since Dec 2017

The moderator of the popular sub-Reddit about the Bitcoin found that the traffic section has risen again, after the first monthly fall since December, 2017.

The fourteenth in the world rankings and fifth in the United States, according to Alexa, Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world. People from all over the world every day go to him to discuss almost everything, including, of course, Bitcoin.

Sub-Reddit r/Bitcoin is the most active forum for discussion of topics related to the first cryptocurrency. It takes 119 position in Reddit and its user base consists of less than 1 million subscribers.

Founded in September 2010, this online community has grown steadily. As Bitcoin became more popular, the number of subscribers to r/Bitcoin in recent years has demonstrated exponential growth.

For example, in November 2017 r/Bitcoin topped 400,000 subscribers. Less than a year later, that number has skyrocketed along with the price of Bitcoin and exceeded 914 000 users. However, together with the falling prices of BTC, the moderators have continued to experience a decline in the number of subscribers.

And finally, one of the moderators by the name BashCo shared in his that the Twitter account joyful news:

“The traffic on r/Bitcoin has been declining steadily since Dec 2017… until now. It is the harbinger of a bull market?”

Bullish sign?

BashCo interpretered events as possible bullish sign, as it means that people are once again looking for information about Bitcoin.

Co-founder of Reddit Alex Ohanian remains optimistic about Bitcoin, despite the downturn this year. 35-year-old investor believes that any increase in the use of cryptocurrencies is a positive.

“As a means of accumulation and savings, there is a certain attraction to Bitcoin, and in fact, we can observe in countries such as Turkey, which at this stage, a serious economic crisis … But still, we are at a very early stage”

Others also seem to believe in Bitcoin, which proves the record of Hasrat. Supporters of the cryptocurrency challenge any of the bad news, ranging from prohibitions of governments, and ending with the abolition of the ETF.

To predict the price of Bitcoin nobody but the influx of new users in r/Bitcoin is definitely a good sign for the most popular cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that r/Bitcoin will reach its millions of overseas subscribers in the next few months.

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