The Blockchain technology will not leave liars no chance during online Dating

The Blockchain technology will not leave liars no chance during online Dating

There was a time when in order to meet new people, you had to go to the local bar and flirt with the girl or guy or ask a friend with someone.

Most of us do not remember those days, because thanks to the Internet from a new acquaintance we are just one click away. Maybe you’re just looking for a friend to chat about something or your goal is a new romantic relationship, in these matters you can rely on the Internet.

Initially, emails and web chats were the most easy ways to begin online communication with people. Then in our life stormed social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Online Dating became an independent industry which today is estimated at $3 billion At the same time, the online Dating market is replete with all sorts of perverts and scams. Many become victims of “shenanigans”, when it is found, (usually too late) that the person is communicating, is actually not who he says he is.

The Blockchain technology may soon change this situation, bringing transparency and honesty in the industry of online Dating. Today there are several platforms who are using blockchain are able to guarantee transparency in online relationships. Will tell you about some of them.


This is one of the blockchain startups, which is designed to ensure that such changes have occurred. Hicky strives to bring credibility to the industry, using the invariance of the blockchain. According to studies, more than 50% of all people who used the platform of online Dating, when communicating on the Internet lied to him. Lack of trust has made online Dating not only disappointment, but even dangerous. To ensure full compliance with the claimed identity Hicky exposes new users to the strict verification process. Identification will include verification of voice and facial scanning. The mechanism used decentralized Autonomous Dating (DAD) will reward users with tokens HKY for good behavior and punished for bad, which ultimately simplifies the usage of the platform and makes it favourable for all participants.


Luna is on the blockchain, designed to deal with the problems of the industry of online Dating. Luna uses a constantly improving algorithm for selecting a pair. The user is notified of the match and if he/she agrees to the meeting, both parties receive as reward tokens. If provides information about personality in the end will be about – all the tokens are selected ago. A private cryptocurrency Luna is awarded to users who promptly read and respond to messages. This makes the platform very interactive, as it not only helps to find love, but also allows you to earn tokens that can be exchanged for cryptocurrency exchanges.


Another platform, which is to tell you – Viola.AI. The project aims to use artificial intelligence along with a blockchain technology to increase the transparency of online Dating. Viola.AI uses a system of identification, checking each user’s photo to the matching accounts in social networks. Once the information is confirmed, it is logged in the blockchain. The immutability of the block chain prevents any theft of identity information and protects against data tampering and supports the infrastructure of the artificial intelligence algorithms Viola.AI. Also on the platform there is a system to encourage people. Kriptovana Viola is awarded as remuneration, for example, for the valuable advice about relationships. Step forward the project Viola.AI is the use of smart contracts.

The Blockchain technology is still evolving, and its scope is getting wider and wider. The world of Dating will also benefit the decentralized database of the blockchain. More and more startups in this industry are turning to it for solutions to global problems in the world of online Dating.

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