The Belgian regulator has published a list of suspected crypto-currency exchanges

The Belgian regulator has published a list of suspected crypto-currency exchanges

The Belgian financial authority published a list of 19 cryptocurrency trading platform who are suspected of fraudulent activities.

According to the management of the financial services and markets Belgium (FSMA) in respect of these exchanges repeatedly received complaints and requests from users. Moreover, on these platforms, showed signs of fraud:

01crypto, Btc-cap, Capital-coins, Coinquick, Cryptavenir, Crypto-banque, Crypto-infos,, Cryptos-currency, Ether-invest, Eurocryptopro, Finance-mag, Gme-crypto Gmtcrypto, Good-crypto, Mycrypto24, Nettocrypto, Patrimoinecrypto, and Ydconsultant.

FSMA stressed that this list does not include a list of all the questionable cryptocephaline platforms – only those to which users have written statements.

FSMA noted that in recent weeks the Internet there are many platforms that use the same method of attracting investors. “They claim that they offer the most or one of the best trading platforms, where as novice investors and professionals can instantly begin trading with full confidence.”

Complaints received FSMA include clients who can’t recover their invested money, as well as those who can not contact the company after the investment:

“I invested through the platform, which claimed that has a license. When I asked to return my money, I was promised that this will happen on a specific date. However, I never received. Moreover, I no longer have access to your account”, – quotes FSMA one of the users.

Management urges investors to be very careful and pay attention to suspicious actions on the part of the platforms:

“Always check company information (physical address, verification data, etc.). Never trust a company that is not clearly identified. And even after receiving information about it critically”.”A platform for cryptocurrency trading promise a guaranteed return or capital protection. However, these promises – the great illusion in the cryptocurrency sector! If the offer is fraudulent, the promise of warranty.”

As noted in the FSMA, the majority of these companies were founded less than a year ago.

In conclusion, the Agency stressed that investors should “be wary of promises of excessive profits. If the promise sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”

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