The Australian police mistook mining farm with a plantation of cannabis

The Australian police mistook mining farm with a plantation of cannabis

Cryptocurrency mining always attracts attention. It is also of interest to criminals looking to steal private data, and police officers, concerned about high electricity consumption.

Aussie Rob Butila, owner mining equipment at his home was ransacked earlier this month. The police suspected miner in the cultivation of cannabis, based on high consumption of electricity. Servants of the law have confused solar panels, surveillance cameras, and the fan in the window of the house.

During the RAID the man’s house was badly damaged. As usual in such operations, the police raided, destroying everything in its path. According to the landlord, his property seriously damaged gates, doors and even fence panels were either removed from the hinges, or completely broken. In addition, disappeared hard disk. Stored his private keys from the wallet, the miner said.

Since Rob Butila not done anything illegal, he asked the police Adelaide to pay for the damage and ready to defend their rights in court. On its YouTube channel Butville said that the police refused to discuss the matter.

“They destroyed my home, to find a mining farm there, where I expected to find a marijuana plantation, — said Rob. They hung up when I asked who would compensate the damage. There were no apology, not even a phone call”.

Police refuse detailed comments, however, confirmed that during the search found no traces of the crimes. It gives us hope that mining in Australia in the near future will get the status of the illegal activity.

As previously reported, the Australian Parliament approved the “antigipoksicski” a law which confers new powers of government and law enforcement agencies.

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