The attorney General of new York, which ordered cryptocurrency exchanges to provide him with the reports turned out to be a rapist

The attorney General of new York, which ordered cryptocurrency exchanges to provide him with the reports turned out to be a rapist

Eric T. Schneiderman, attorney General of the state of new York, which won first place as the antagonist to the administration of the tramp, suddenly resigned on Monday evening. This happened after the publication of The New Yorker, the testimony of four women who accused the Prosecutor of physical abuse.

“I am honored and privileged to serve as attorney General of the state of new York,” said Schneiderman in a statement. A few hours ago against me were serious allegations, which I dispute.”

“Although these allegations do not relate to my professional conduct or activities of the office, they prevent me to continue to take my position in this critical time. Therefore, I resign”

The irony is that Schneiderman has publicly supported the movement for women’s rights #MeToo. Moreover, Schneiderman was the Prosecutor who began legal proceedings against the company once owned by Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of sexual harassment:

“We’ve never seen anything more despicable than what we are seeing here,” said Schneiderman.

His story told the newspaper four women, but only two of them — Michelle manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, not afraid to give their names. Girls told me that she had been physically abused by Schneiderman, who was beaten and strangled. Both said then turned for medical help. The third woman attorney admitted that the Prosecutor had to slug her in the face. The fourth woman has experienced something similar.

All four of them were in romantic relationships with Mr. Schneiderman, however, said that the violence during the sex was uncoordinated and took place after the drinking.

“It was awful. In his ears came the sound, I lost my balance and fell on the bed. I got up to try to push him away, but he pushed me. Then he leaned on my whole body, I couldn’t move, and began to choke me.”

Debra S. Katz, counsel for Ms. manning Barish, said that “the imagination of the Prosecutor in the fact that women resisted”.

Mr. Schneiderman, she continued, “has made a career out of preventing such behavior. But, apparently, he could not resist the temptation to dominate powerful women.”

Ms. Selvaratnam told the magazine that during their relationship, Schneiderman regularly drinking and physical abuse became more and more sophisticated:

“We were rarely able to have sex without being beaten. He started calling me his black slave and demanded that I repeated that I was his property. After I learned that other women were subjected to violence by attorney General Schneiderman before me, I wondered “who’s next?” and knew we needed to do something. I decided to tell everything to other women is not joined with him in the relationship in the future.”

Ex-wife of Mr. Schneiderman admitted that she was stunned by the charges against him.

“I know Eric nearly 35 years as a husband, father and friend. These allegations do not relate to the person I know that has always been an example of high values and a loving father.”

Mr. Schneiderman has long been considered one of the most progressive politicians of the state. Lawsuits against trump in 2013 and later on President trump made him a favorite of the political left. Last fall during a night live Comedy show of the Prosecutor called “a hero who stood up to defend democracy”, a person with superhuman character and was even given the nickname Shneiderman.

His credentials as a lawyer to protect the rights of women were not contentious.

In 2010, as a state Senator, Schneiderman promoted the bill that intentional strangulation before losing consciousness was recognized as a serious criminal offence. In the same year, the national organization for women of new York endorsed his candidacy for the role of the attorney General, citing his “unsurpassed work on the protection of women victims of domestic violence”.

For several years his office has published a brochure entitled “Know your rights” for victims of domestic violence.

we will remind, in April 13 of cryptocurrency exchanges received a letter from the attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman to provide detailed information about their activities. A large part of the exchanges in General welcomed the request and said they will fill in the attached form. Kraken refused to answer the Prosecutor’s request, while Coinbase has revealed some information publicly.

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