The attorney General of Louisiana has dismissed its employees for mining cryptocurrency

The attorney General of Louisiana has dismissed its employees for mining cryptocurrency

Jeff Landry, attorney General of Louisiana, began a criminal investigation in the IT Department of his office. According to law enforcement officials investigations are proceeding against former employees who used state resources for mining biekenov.

At the moment no charges have been filed, but Landry confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing.

Bureau of investigation Louisiana state employees interviewed once in September last year, the authorities allegedly(!) found hardware that, in their opinion, could be used for mining cryptocurrencies. Also during that period spent a huge amount of electricity. It remains unknown what equipment was involved, but law enforcement officials are concerned that the computer system can be compromised.

The office staff Landry insisted that the state equipment is not being used for personal gain.

Three of the five dismissed employees denied any wrongdoing from their side, calling their sudden dismissal of misunderstanding with the General Prosecutor’s office. By law, Landry is not obliged to give reasons of dismissal. Dismissed employees of the General Prosecutor’s office according to the laws of the state do not have the right to appeal.In December 2017, the General Prosecutor’s office provided documents about “personnel turnover”. The report showed that five of the employees working in the IT Department, was fired within two days in September, while on an ongoing investigation, the reports are not mentioned. All employees working under the predecessor Landry, buddy Caldwell, and as described in the recommendations was on the verge of dismissal.

Among the fired employees included: the system Manager, the support Manager, the coordinator of judicial processes and human resources officer, who was closely associated with the Department. Director of IT-Department has tried to retire on 1 September, but was dismissed before the order came into force.

Former employees trying to justify themselves, saying that they failed to use the office computers for mining Bitcoins because those are simply not enough power.

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