The attendance of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have fallen by half

The attendance of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have fallen by half

The poor condition of the cryptocurrency market have affected the attendance of cryptocurrency exchanges, which falls almost at a faster pace than the price of the leading cryptocurrency.

The drop in traffic

Careful analysis of the attendance of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges indicates that the peak attendance occurred in December 2017 and January 2018, starting with February, the traffic began to fall sharply and is now at the level of November 2017.

According to Similarweb, the total number of visits Coinbase in February decreased by 49% from 123,5 million to 63.1 million, while in December 2017 traffic was about 169,5 million people.

Traffic Kraken decreased by 56%, from 31.7 million in January to 13.8 million in February. Attendance Binance fell by 54%, with the peak in 191,5 million to 87.3 million.

Traffic Bitfinex fell 48 percent in February to 18.3 million visits, compared to 35,4 million in January and 59.3 million in December 2017.

The fall in the number of transactions BTC

The obvious factor that could cause a sharp drop in the number of visits to cryptocurrency exchanges is the weak price dynamics of the major cryptocurrency in the first two months of 2018. In addition, the massive increase of prices at the end of November 2017, brought a record number of new investors in December, setting a very high bar that in the subsequent months could not be overcome.

By the end of February a day on average, make slightly less than 200,000 bitcoin transaction in mid-December 2017 the number of transactions per day was about half a million.

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