The administration trump is developing a “comprehensive strategy” control of cryptocurrency transactions

The administration trump is developing a “comprehensive strategy” control of cryptocurrency transactions

Deputy U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein on Tuesday spoke at the spring meeting of the Financial Services Roundtable.

During the session “question-answer” he was asked about his views on cryptocurrency and their relationship to cyber crime. In his comments, Rosenstein cited a new task force to combat cybercrime, which last week announced the Department of justice.

“Many of the criminal schemes associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which do not pass through the traditional financial system,” he said. “That is what we are working with our group on the fight against cybercrime, is a comprehensive strategy for addressing this problem.”

The task force includes representatives of several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, U.S. marshals and the Agency for the fight against drugs.

Rosenstein also tried to dispel the myth of the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, calling them “rather aliases”, and noted that the process of money laundering leaves enough evidence to Federal investigators could trace the source.

The event Rosenstein explained:

“We all know that there are ways to monitor criminal activity. And it’s not just about cyberactivist, but also about the human factor. Ultimately, even when dealing with cryptocurrency, sooner or later the criminals will want to convert to Fiat, and ways to monitor these operations, there are many”.

Today the main task of the Department of justice, he said, is to educate Federal officials the principles of the technology and algorithms of the investigation cryptocurrency crimes.

“Law enforcement agencies need to ensure that our staff are fully qualified, this is one of our goals is to make sure that we have agents and prosecutors with skills and experience,” he explained.

“Because the criminals are always a step ahead”.

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