Tezos will hold hardwork to network launch

Tezos will hold hardwork to network launch

Tezos is most known for its drama, not bloccano and technical indicators. The parties to the conflict, which lasts for several months, roamed the halls of court sessions, which has repeatedly led to the dismissal of members of the Foundation Council. On the eve of the launch of the network, became aware of the hard forks that will share Tezos on the primary network and nTezos. This will be the first project in the history of cryptocurrencies, which will be divided up to its release.

For the cryptocurrency community Tezos like a soap Opera, the twilight zone, where every week there is something terrible or unexpected, ranging from fraud in the ICO and ending litigation. FUD, FOMO and all the other abbreviations in the cryptocurrency sphere is not once applied to Tezos. So the news is that Tezos preparing for the hard forks before release, do not particularly surprised.

Cause the hard forks Tezos could many reasons, but the last straw was the forced introduction of KYC. Have nTezos if it will be launched, as promised, will the same open source code that Tezos, but the lack of KYC and rewards for the founders. Also he will have the audit unit of the Genesis that is not associated with the controversial Tezos foundation.

This means that the owners of the tokens Tezos will face the choice of the blockchain, or they can just hedge their bets and claim the tokens in both blockchains.

However, if the token holders want to keep their anonymity, they most likely want to refrain from possession of the tokens of the main blockchain, whose forced KYC will make them easily identifiable in the chain nTezos.

In the summer of 2017, the KYC rule was optional for ICO. Many large projects are not worried about it, and Tezos was one of them. Since then much has happened and in the email sent Sunday, the project tried to clarify the situation:

We value and respect the privacy of our members, and along with countless people from all over the world we personally oppose the unnecessary collection of personal information. However, it is important to comply with rapidly changing regulatory requirements.

Without undergoing the KYC procedure, investors are unable to claim their tokens. Given that this condition was not in the ICO a year ago, it is clear that the participants annoyed. Not only are investors disappointed with this development. Founder Tezos Arthur Breitman under the name “murbard” wrote on Reddit that KYC “not his initiative.”

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