Tether is launching a new platform

Tether is launching a new platform

Tether, a startup out of Santa Monica, which stands for token pegged to the dollar, said it plans to launch a new platform after a hacker attack, which occurred in November.

In a statement on its website Tether’ve listed some of the steps taken to recover from a break-in, which caused damage of approximately $ 30 million, as well as updated information about how users can regain access to their funds, which are still stored on the platform.

After the break, the platform of the Omni Foundation, which developed the Protocol based on the bitcoin on which to base tokens Tether, has released a new software version for Omni Core in which all the stolen tokens nacino are entered in the blacklist.

Thus, the Omni will prevent them to use stolen funds. It wasn’t easy, but allowed the Tether to be protected from any further potential breaches.

According to the report, Tether resumed wallets (in abbreviated form) from Tuesday, which allowed users to start to withdraw funds stored in their wallets.

Tether also announced the development of a new platform and plans to discontinue support of the current purses and old addresses. The possibility of registration on the platform is currently disabled.

Startup advises users to exchange their tokens for third-party exchanges:

To prevent possible loss of funds, users must not attempt to make any money on your old wallets or Deposit address.

Tether is also working to update its policy of services, and audit firm Friedman LLP is still working on a complete audit of the balance sheet as at 30 September 2017.

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