Tether continues to misbehave – USDT has increased by 20 000 000

Tether continues to misbehave – USDT has increased by 20 000 000

Tether, the company decided to release to the market of cryptocurrencies is still 20 000 000 USDT.

( USDT is a cryptocurrency asset produced on the basis of the bitcoin blockchain via the Omni Protocol Layer. Each unit USDT backed by the US dollar which is the reserve of the Tether Limited and can be obtained through the Tether platform. USDT is possible to transmit, store, spend as much as bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. – approx. )

It is noteworthy that most of the “issues” USDT coincide with the pump of Bitcoin. But to prove that the Tether is foul play is almost impossible. However,it is clear that the topic is not closed and remains highly controversial.

In the world of Bitcoin Tether is rapidly becoming “persona non grata”. There have been many conspiracy theories related to this company, which is not surprising, as some dark matter there is clearly occurring.

The company is constantly issuing new currency on a regular basis, the result is often a rise in the price of Bitcoin. It’s not just a coincidence, but a bubble that will soon burst. And it is still unknown what this will lead to consequences.

The latest issue of 10 million USDT raises many questions, because it happened just at the time when Bitcoin price started to get closer to $10 000. Most users believe that the new USDT push Bitcoin to overcome this boundary.

The volume of funds moving from Tether to Poloniex and Bittrex, rolls. Some users believe that the new token was 20 million, not ten. To put it mildly, this is a very disturbing development.

The CEO of Bitfinex and Tether is one and the same person. Does not this, between companies can be some real conspiracy? But to prove it’s not as easy as we would like. We only know that the new 10 million USDT was sent to Bitfinex directly. It can’t be a coincidence, moreover, that this is not the first time. In this scenario, Bitfinex will soon become the new Mt.GOx. And that’s exactly what all first of all I want to avoid.

All this creates a very disturbing prospect for the cryptocurrency world. Tether States that everything is lawful, but their refusal of an independent audit is unlikely to mean that it is. With the new USDT arising on other cryptocurrency exchanges, the situation is not good. This certainly explains the surge in prices of some altcoins for the last time.

No reason to worry about that now makes a Tether is enough. We can only hope that in the coming weeks and months, this bubble will not burst.

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