Tether additionally released 300 million USDT

Tether additionally released 300 million USDT

Tether, Aldon, which his creators provided by Fiat currencies: the US dollar and the Euro, has released another 300 million tokens USDT at a price of $ 1 per token on Tuesday, March 20, according to Omni Explorer.

In mid-February, the company released the Tether Euro-tokens EURT in the amount of 86 million euros USDT 61,1 million tokens on the blockchain Ethereum (ETH).

Bitfinex’ed, anonymous blogger and critic Tether, wrote in his Twitter that the release of such a large number of Tether immediately caused a rise in the price of BTC:

300 000 000 NEW Tether IN JUST ONE DAY.The biggest issue fraudulent tokens Tether in history. Oh, look, bitcoin rebounded today.What Oh****** surprise. This is the first release of the new Tethers after they fired their auditor.

300 million Tether was released on Tuesday at 18:51 UTC, and the increase in the price of bitcoin observed at about the same time, though he was not sharp. At the moment, bitcoin is trading around $ 8900.

It is known that the Tether is a subsidiary of Bitfinex, which is on the 5th place in terms of daily trading. This relationship has led to the fact that many fans of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitfinex’ed, criticized the exchange, and a token for the apparent lack of transparency because the company has not conducted an external audit of its cash reserves. At the end of January, the company ended the relationship with my auditor until the audit results.

In response to the ongoing criticism from Bitfinex’ed, the user Bitfinex even threatened to sue him in court. However, the anonymous critic does not give up and in response hired a lawyer.

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