Tesla car can be turned into a mining farm

Tesla car can be turned into a mining farm

The owner of the Tesla Model S made electric farm for mining cryptocurrency. This publication reports Electrek.

The popularity and rapid growth of bitcoin and altcoins is attracting more people to the process of their production. It is known that, mining is the process energy intensive and not cheap. In the pursuit of reducing costs and increasing the profitability of the process innovators represent a lot of original, sometimes unexpected, ideas for mining cryptocurrency.

So, the owner of Tesla Model S in the United States decided to use its electric vehicle for mining, turning it into a source of energy for the bitcoin farm.

The subscriber of the closed Facebook group Worldwide Tesla Owner jokingly offered to use electricity the Tesla instead of computer computing power for mining cryptocurrency. For mining-the farm was assumed to use a computing platform that controls the autopilot. Security reasons this idea was abandoned, but the American electric car still came in handy.

Another representative of the community decided to use the capacious battery electric vehicle to power a mining farm, which he gathered based on third-party graphics processors. The intended benefit is to use electricity from the network of charging stations Supercharger, of which Tesla owners in the U.S. are free. Only this farm will not mine bitcoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

It turns out that the advantages of this idea is obvious.

However, there are questions.

First, the constant cycles of charge and discharge can prematurely bring down an expensive battery Tesla Model S, and mining will be, to put it mildly, is unprofitable. Secondly, the battery in the static produces a lot of heat, and the issue of diversion remains unresolved.

How solved the problem with the batteries overheating and how heavy use affects their capacity?

It is also unknown what brings profit of mining-farm to its owner.

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