Telegram secret holds second closed pre-selling its cryptocurrency

Telegram secret holds second closed pre-selling its cryptocurrency

One can only admire the courage of Paul Durova!

Over the past few months the Director-General Telegram convinced the 81 accredited investor, including giants such as Sequoia Capital and Benchmark, to provide him with $ 850 million to the primary supply of coins. Now he is trying to attract more funds and runs a second, this time it was planned that a secret pre-sale token.

According to rumors, this week some of the accredited investors received an email, which stated that the Telegram launches another private presale. On this edition of The Verge reported four sources.

The exact amount that is planned to attract at this time, according to one source — was not discussed, but two others reported that Pavel Durov is counting on investments, no less than in the first round. If so, then prior to the ICO the total amount will exceed $1.6 billion. ICO Telegram — the largest ever undertaken. The previous record ICO amounted to 232 million dollars. Representatives of the Telegram as Sequoia Capital declined to comment on the situation.

Blockchain project from Telegram instantly became the most popular in the world of ICO and cryptocurrency. And this excitement has made adjustments — instead of the planned $500 million, the company increased the size of the investment to $850 million of the Funds have been successfully collected, Pavel Durov pointed out in his report to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA.

Next was to follow ICO, but the company decided to hold another preliminary round of investment — not such a bad idea.

This makes sense, given that the Commission on securities and stock exchanges may not allow ICO Telegram to the United States. This could be the reason why Telegram wants to get more money from accredited investors.

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