Telegram is blocked because of Durov’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency

Telegram is blocked because of Durov’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency

The true reason for blocking of Telegram messenger in Russia may have plans of its owner to launch their own cryptocurrency.

For the past five days, Russian regulators are trying hard to block the messenger Telegram. However, as we already know, it turns out they’re having a hard and even disorderly. In the end, was blocked 18 million IP addresses, including Amazon’s cloud services, Google and other providers, but not the Telegram.

The situation is being actively discussed among the staff of the 12th center of the FSB and representatives of other relevant agencies. Unit including supervises the carrying out quickly-search actions in networks of telephone and wireless communications.

18 APR FSB officer Roman Antypkin sent colleagues a letter in which he revealed the real reason for blocking Telegram in Russia. As it turned out, it’s not about the terrorists, blame was placed on the cryptocurrency. According to the FSB’s successful release Durov own cryptocurrency based on the messenger will create a “totally out of control financial system.”

“Colleagues, Yes, the story is not at all about this, as you don’t understand! The story is not about the keys and terrorism <…>. Pavel Durov has decided to become the new Mavrodi. Running the updates we get totally out of control financial system. And it’s not bitcoin for the marginalized, it will be simply, reliably and uncontrollably. It is a threat to the security of the country <…>. All drugs, obnal, trade bodies will go through the Flank of the crypt, and he will say: “I’m innocent, banned words, they are used by terrorists,” said the letter, signed Novel by Antipkin.

The authenticity of the letter confirmed the Federal official and a top Manager of one of the operators. The letter itself was sent with the email About Roman Antipkin market participants and officials say that he has represented the 12th centre of the FSB in various meetings. In particular, the implementation of the “law of Spring”.

Reporters contacted with the Novel. FSB calls the letter a fake and falsification.

All lies, girl, I’m no comment and I don’t know what you’re talking about.

As for the ICO Durov, the situation was commented by the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov:

On the market ICO lock Telegram will have no impact on the ICO of the Telegram – will be affected.

Against this backdrop, I would like to quote Pasha Durov:

The power of governments over IT companies is based on money. At any moment the government could bring down the company’s stock, threatening to block her cash flow, and thus forcing you to do strange things (e.g., force Apple to postpone the iCloud servers in China). In the Telegram we take the opportunity not to worry about revenue or advertising sales. Privacy is not for sale, but human rights should not be violated out of fear or greed.

We will monitor the developments.

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