Telegram has become the subject of legal proceedings — the company filed a lawsuit against Lantah LLC

Telegram has become the subject of legal proceedings — the company filed a lawsuit against Lantah LLC

Platform messaging Telegram filed charges against a Florida company that also intends to create a cryptocurrency called “Gram”.

In a lawsuit filed may 11 in branch for the Northern district of California in San Francisco, alleges that the company Lantah LLC violated the rights of the Telegram, trying to register an identical trademark (logo) in February of this year.

Headed by Pavel Durov, the firm has attracted $ 1.7 billion from 200 accredited investors to Finance the future development of Telegram Open Network (TON), whose own cryptocurrency will be called GRAM.

However, in February Lantah LLC has registered the trademark “Gram”, stating that it intends to develop a “virtual currency for use by members of an online community via a global computer network”. The app, by the way, was launched after the ICO Telegram.

The company Lantah LLC has registered rights to the trademark “Gram” in February, after the start of the preliminary presentation of the TON.

The Telegram company asserts that it has acquired the rights to a trademark Gram and have already conducted a large-scale presentation of the campaign using this logo. The firm further argues that Lantah work in good faith and seek to benefit from the confusion in brands.

From the complaint :

“The unauthorized use in Commerce of the company Lantah logo similar to GRAM Telegram Messenger, has caused and may continue to cause confusion or mistake to deceive consumers and the public. No connection between Telegram and Lantah was not to be.”

Such confusion can have serious consequences. When Venezuela began taking pre-orders for free, “Petro”, unknown token with the same name soared in price because of stupid investors bought it thinking buying public cryptocurrency.

Daniel Jeffrey, head Lantah LLC, said in an email that, contrary to statements by Telegram, Lantah LLC used the trademark “GRAM” before it became known about the intentions of the Telegram to sell the product under the same name.

The representative of the Telegram refused to give any comments about what is happening.

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