Technical documentation TRON is a rip-off of projects Filecoin and IFPS

Technical documentation TRON is a rip-off of projects Filecoin and IFPS

In the technical documentation or whitepaper decentralized platform to share content TRON to contain whole pieces, written by the creators of other projects – IPFS and Filecoin.

This became known thanks to the founder of Protocol Labs, Juan Bennett, who posted via Twitter a picture with the evidence, according to which at least 9 pages of the English version of the documentation TRON was copied from documents IPFS or Filecoin, both of which were written in collaboration with Bennett and other members of Protocol Labs.

In most cases, the text seems not to have been copied verbatim. However, similarities in the lexicon and the structure creates the impression that at least part of the documentation of TRON is a simple rewrite of the documentation prepared Protocol Labs.

About this is evidenced by the fact that, although the sections contain mostly the same information, documents, Protocol Labs is always more detailed and, when necessary, refer to the sources.

For example, some sections describe the BitSwap strategy as it applies to the nodes in their respective networks.

Sometimes the document even TRON there are even charts and formulas from the documentation Filecoin:

The TRON is not even given to the source that violates the Creative Commons license, under which published a technical paper IPFS that allows you to use it on others, but always with a link to the source.

TRON does not recognize the fact of plagiarism

Plagiarism is often found in the world of cryptocurrencies, but, as the 10th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $ 9.4 billion dollars, TRON is undoubtedly the most high-profile project caught on it.

General Director of TRON Justin San commented on this:

Our original technical documentation was written in Chinese, and there are all the links to the sources. Volunteers did the translation in English, Japanese and Spanish. Unfortunately the translation is missing a lot of important details, not just links.

Despite this claim, TRON removed the English and Chinese versions of his paper from his web site.

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