TDO hackers threaten to uncover the truth about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, if not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins

TDO hackers threaten to uncover the truth about the terrorist attack of 11 September 2001, if not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins

The hacker group Dark Overlord threatens to spread in open access of thousands of classified documents that contain shocking information about the attack on 9 September, 2011 — one of the worst events in modern history. Dark Overlord say that they managed to hack the servers of a number of insurance companies and government agencies, and archives to steal classified documents. The silence of the attackers demand that the government compensation in bitcoin.

Hacker group The Dark Overlord (TDO) is known not only in the narrow underground circles, previously TDO already announced himself to the world when I hacked the database of medical organizations of different countries in 2015, leaked to the network data medstrahovok 9 278 352 of Americans in 2016, also attacked Netflix in 2017.

January 1, hackers have posted online a link to encrypted files, total space of 10 GB that contains information about the judicial process in the case of 9/11. If hackers do not get a finder’s fee in bitcoins until January 7, the group will disclose the encryption keys of files.

According to the hackers, encrypted documents will tell the world the story of what really happened on 9 September 2011:

“We will reveal the truth about the events of September 11. We have 18 000 secret documents”.

Hackers have already managed to spread in open access, several documents proving their statements and intentions. In the network appeared official letters, e-mails and documents that mention law firms, the transportation security Administration and Federal aviation administration.

The criminals claimed to have hacked not only the base of major insurers such as Lloyds of London and Hiscox, but the server company Silverstein Properties, which owned the world trade center buildings. According to the hackers, they got archives of different government agencies.

Criminals are willing to accept compensation to remove any information or names appearing in the documents. Otherwise, the hackers threatened to sell secret information to terrorist organizations and “forever bury” an insurance company.

Public calls for hackers to publish the encryption keys for the archive, so that people could know the truth.

At the moment, TDO has revealed one of the keys that open access archive called “Preview”. Some documents are already available to the public at: Google Drive & Solidfiles.

Recall that recently the hackers of the Digital Revolution announced the successful hacking of the servers controlled by the FSB of the organization — research Institute “Kvant”. Published by the hackers, the documents describe a system of monitoring of Russian social networks, whose main aim is the analysis of protest moods in the society.

It should be noted that “white hackers” in 2018 has received remuneration in the amount of $ 878 000 for finding vulnerabilities in bounty programs.

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