“Tangle farm” – the first game based on the technology of IOTA

“Tangle farm” – the first game based on the technology of IOTA

Qubic Lite has released the game “Tangle Farm”. 19-year-old German student of computer science who is interested in cryptocurrencies and IoT Protocol, developed Qubic Lite, which is a kind of Protocol implementation Protocol Qubic.

Finally! The first qApp and decentralized game on the basis of the IOTA “Tangle Farm” (more information about the http://qame.org/) was successfully tested during a gaming session involving 3 players, demonstrating the capabilities of the Protocol Qubic Lite.

Qubic is a powerful distributed platform to compute and create complex IoT applications, on the basis of smart contracts a new type. Micropayments in “Tangle” IOTA take place in real time, except for fair play envisages a system of rewards.

IOTA Tangle operates without the use of blockchain technology. Instead of a blockchain Tangle built on DAG [Directed Acyclic Graph]. A graph Tangle is a register to store transactions, i.e. they are not stored in the usual “blocks”. It works in such a way that each new transaction must be approved by the two previous transactions.

The network consists of nodes, and they are the entities that produce the transaction.

Qubic is a Protocol which consists of the functioning of IOTA. Team IOTA Qubic created the programming language known as Abra for the implementation of Qubic.

At the moment, Qubic has not been officially released IOTA, but the QLite is a kind of analogue of the proposed Protocol.

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