Surprises of bitcoin: what will be the rate until the end of the year?

Surprises of bitcoin: what will be the rate until the end of the year?

The price of bitcoin, the effective currency in the world for 3 years – reached $ 10,000. What will happen to her next?

On 28 November as supporters and critics of the cryptocurrency froze in anticipation of reaching the five-digit bitcoin prices. They are not disappointed.

As the most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin yesterday gave his critics a reason to think about. Apparently, its astronomical growth has not slowed. And we can conclude that in the near time will be reached a mark of 11 thousand.

I wonder what new records will establish a bitcoin in the last month of this year. Based on the fact that in the last two weeks it increased by 45%, can we expect the mark in 15 thousand by the end of the year?

Still think bitcoin innovation?

Of course, some experts still believe that the bitcoin price is a bubble that will burst in the near future, and that he is “innovation” (Yes, it is about Jamie Daimon). However, harder to argue with numbers and the amount of legal interest in bitcoin.

Growth to a certain extent due to the planned range of futures contracts on bitcoin on the Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME). Other well-known players such as Goldman Sachs, also hope to jump on the bitcoin wagon. Moreover, ordinary people is becoming easier and easier to buy bitcoins.

Limited currency?

However, it seems that there is no limits for the growth of bitcoin prices. Since the market is unpredictable and volatile, the exact design of it, apparently endless uptrend seems useless. Many traditional traders still puzzled by nearly 1000% growth in less than 12 months.

Moreover, a logarithmic graph accurately predicted reaching the sum of 10 thousand to 22 November 2017. If you follow this scheme, up to 2021 it is possible to achieve a six-figure prices.

The currency encountered some delays, especially in the Chinese market. However, the decline in prices led to stronger subsequent growth. If the currency is recovering from the effects of negative circumstances, imagine what would happen to her on the new wave of positive attention from the biggest players in the financial industry!

For example, Michael Novogratz, an expert on hedge funds, has recently predicted that in the next few months bitcoin will easily reach $ 40,000. This may seem overly optimistic, but bitcoin is rich in surprises. Making the first tentative steps to a real legitimacy, first in the cryptocurrency world can reach the level of 20 thousand earlier than expected.

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