Supercomputer in the Russian nuclear center was used for mining

Supercomputer in the Russian nuclear center was used for mining

Many Internet users have completely dedicated their lives to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

It is known that the more computing power the device has, the more units of any currency you can earn per time unit. As for Bitcoin mining, this process has long been not an easy. Every day users with the latest, incredibly powerful mining hardware is becoming more and mine bitcoins becomes increasingly difficult.

But as they say those who seek will always find. Two friends from Sarov found a way to mine Bitcoin directly in the workplace. Place of work and they have a specific technique they used specific — the most powerful supercomputer of Russia, which is located in the closed nuclear center in Sarov.

The supercomputer is intended for complicated calculations, in General, suitable for the making of calculations required by the mining of cryptocurrencies. The only obstacle was that the computer was not connected to the Internet. However, our enterprising heroes did not stop and they hooked up the machine to the local network, and then use special software set up access to the Internet. They did not consider only that the specifics of the enterprise requires the security Department to constantly monitor the network connection of new devices. Bitcoins here was to begin to “drip” into the pockets of friends, like guys found and gave them into the hands of the FSB.

The supercomputer started in the all-Russian research Institute of experimental physics (RFNC-VNIIEF) in March 2011 At that time it was the most powerful supercomputer in Russia — his performance was equal to 1 PFLOPS that allowed the machine to take 12th place in the world ranking of supercomputers.

The Assembly of the supercomputer specialists of the nuclear center was carried out independently. The bulk of it consists of foreign technical solutions, however, present in the system and their own development of RFNC-VNIIEF, including the main components of the system.

The supercomputer was built on processors with the x86 cores, graphics accelerators it was not used. It is also known that the system was used only air cooling. In plans “Rosatom” has been a gradual increase in the computing power of the machine ten times every three years, with access to Aksaray performance level in 2020.

Russian engineers issued a recognizance not to leave the country pending investigation. Most interesting is that they are still employees of the nuclear center. The FSB have to figure out how much money I managed to earn friends and also to find a legislative base on which to bring offenders to justice. It is likely that they will be charged with treason.

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