Summer in Russia will appear the law on cryptocurrencies

Summer in Russia will appear the law on cryptocurrencies

The discussion of the future of cryptocurrency law in Russia long ago, and today it became known that the new law should appear this summer.

In the newspaper “Russian Parliament”, which is the official publication of the Russian Duma, there was an article which stated that the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered to take the relevant law before 1 July 2018.

Currently, there are two options for the future of the law. One option was proposed by the Ministry of Finance, and the second – the Central Bank of Russia.

Despite the fact that the authors of both laws failed to reach consensus on the process of conducting a crowdfunding and krautsalat (ICO), the options are still varied in their provisions regarding exchange transactions in the cryptocurrency.

For example, the Central Bank does not want to provide investors with legitimate opportunities to work with cryptocurrencies. Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Council, the State Duma Committee commented on the initiative of the Central Bank:

The Central Bank opposes the legalization of transactions with cryptocurrencies as in this case, citizens can begin to actively invest in them without taking into account possible risks.

Aksakov also said that both bills will be presented in the house this month for consideration.

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