Subscribers to the Telegram as a success of cryptocurrency

Subscribers to the Telegram as a success of cryptocurrency

Many consider cryptocurrency in terms of its market capitalization. But, as we have already mentioned, this metric is not enough.

For example, how would you rate the success of the coins, which will only ICO? Increasingly investors are turning to the index, which is difficult to forge and which indicates a broad support – the number of followers in the Telegram.

Telegram became popular traders and cryptoendoliths, migrated to it last summer. The fact that the Slack messenger is filled with spam and spoofing, which greatly hampered the work of the ICO. Twitter followers can cheat, Facebook in the cryptocurrency community are not popular, but the number of followers of the channel in the Telegram was a kind of evaluation criterion support for the project.

Gone are the days when the study of the new coins was restricted to the elite. Now everyone is trying to catch the tail of luck, time being the next Bitcoin, to jump into the first wagon, so to speak. Buy a coin when the is already placed on a tiny exchange – is not enough. It is not enough to buy it during the ICO. Now the real profit can be obtained only during pre-sale coins. To get there you need to be in the white list. And it’s not so easy!

Often the number of participants of any ICO is just huge and the place is in the white list should be earned in advance, for example, to join the channel in the Telegram, showing his desire to work with the project still under development. ICO quickly become closed clubs. Want to get inside? Prove that You are a VIP.

To help investors understand what the ICO are gaining the greatest momentum, a resource ICO Whitelists created a page tracker that captures the projects with the largest number of affiliated followers in the last 24 hours. How it explains the site:

“99% of all ICO are using Telegram as a channel for communication with their communities. This means that we can measure the strength of communities. ICO, analyzing their group ICO Telegram”.

Sometimes a project is so popular that it is not enough one channel in the Telegram, especially when you consider that the number of subscribers is limited to 50 000. How to solve this problem? – Open another channel.

Many investors really important the number of followers of the project. After all, if he wants to invest 50 000 people, it does not matter what it says in the whitepaper. The popularity speaks for itself.

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