Students free bottom cryptocurrency

Students free bottom cryptocurrency

Universities and College campuses have become not only a favorable environment for young minds, but these mining centers.

According to researchers in the field of safety Cisco which track the mining of crypto-currencies in various industries, College campuses are in the second place after the energy sector and utilities.

According to Cisco, the energy sector accounts for 34% of the mining of cryptocurrencies, followed by the University towns, which is 22%.

“You leave [the miner] in his Dorm room for four years and come out of College with a huge Luggage”, – said the expert of Cisco Austin McBride.

Because the electricity in dorms is free, students are engaged in the mining of virtual currencies without any costs than the national average.

“The difficulty of mining many coins is now very high, accordingly, this increases energy costs and reduces the profits from mining coins. If you don’t have to pay the costs, you can make good money”, – the expert added.

McBride noticed that mining crypto-currencies is practiced not only by the students. Hackers regularly hack into vulnerable networks, installing malware for mining cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the majority of companies operating in the energy and utilities sectors using outdated computers, which makes it easy to infect the network with malware.

In January 2018 the University of Stanford has sent students a message that warned against the mining of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), using the resources of the institution.

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