Stripe will waive bitcoin as a means of payment, it is possible to add Stellar

Stripe will waive bitcoin as a means of payment, it is possible to add Stellar

Stripe, a company that provides services for payment processing, announced Tuesday that it will stop supporting bitcoin as a payment method in April.

Product Manager Tom Karlo wrote in a post on the blog that Stripe will gradually withdraw from bitcoin in the next three months, completely cutting off the support of the largest cryptocurrencies on 23 April 2018.

Stripe was the first to process payments in bitcoin in 2015. Thanks Stripe and a vast network of merchants who use the services of this company, people from over 60 different countries have been able to pay for goods and services using bitcoin.

However, Carlo believes that the slow speed of transactions and high fees make bitcoin less popular way of making payments.

We see that fewer of our clients want to accept bitcoin. And for those businesses that now accept bitcoin for payment – is becoming less profitable. Cases, when buyers are willing to pay or sellers to accept payment in bitcoin is less.

Despite the fact that the Stripe will no longer accept payments in bitcoins, the company as a whole is very optimistichno with respect to the cryptocurrency and does not exclude that support other cryptocurrencies in the future.

A similar problem faced the company of Steam, which also refused accepting bitcoin payments in early December.

The most optimistic in the Stripe set against Stellar.

We can add support for Stellar, because we participated in the financing of this project, but the popularity and adoption of Stellar should continue to grow.

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