Strike launched API for micro-payments on Lightning

Strike launched API for micro-payments on Lightning

Payment platform Strike launched API for micro-payments Lightning, which will allow online merchants to receive aggregated transactions in bitcoins using WooCommerce plugin developed by ACINQ. Transactions are carried out via the Lightning Network.

Plugin for WooCommerce can be configured to receive Lightning of payments in online stores based on WordPress. It has a convenient control panel that allows business owners to monitor payments in real-time.

ACINQ aims to transform bitcoin from a digital “gold” in a way to make everyday payments.

Unlike gold, bitcoin can be modified and improved to meet the needs in cashless payments and international transfers. But it is necessary to increase the speed of transactions and many times offer lower rates for transactions.

Based in Paris technical ACINQ company develops products and services, as well as working on solutions in the area of scalability for the Bitcoin ecosystem in 2014. Even back in 2016, she announced the successful testing of the prototype payment routing for a network of Lightning.

Lightning Network (LN) is a solution to the scalability problem, and in fact is a network of bi-directional channels of payments that may pass a value outside the blockchain.

Strike also developing an API for Prestashop and Shopify, and they say they will be released in the near future.

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