Strange magic Satoshi Nakamoto: the primary address of bitcoin is constantly being transferred coins

Strange magic Satoshi Nakamoto: the primary address of bitcoin is constantly being transferred coins

Satoshi Nakamoto is the first owner of the bitcoins, which since the launch of the left intact her share of the cryptocurrency.

How big is the human condition (or group of people), hiding under the pseudonym of Satoshi – a favorite theme of all mass media. The recent growth of Bitcoin Satoshi promoted into the League of billionaires, making him one of the 50 richest people in the world by Forbes. However, this is not the only reason why Satoshi continues to prosper – users why-then you send him bitcoins.

The hottest billionaire in the world

On the basis of a study conducted in 2013, the number of bitcoins owned by Satoshi Nakamoto, is approximately 1 148 800. Data show that the main part of the first 36 000 units were produced on the same computer, which could only belong to Satoshi. In those days the reward for the block equal to 50 BTC, and 63% of 1 814 400 mined bitcoins have not been spent. T. E. wealth Satoshi now exceeds 1.1 million BTC.

As they say now – Satoshi Nakamoto stands at about $16.8 billion, Add another $3.4 billion in Bitcoin Cash, $370 million in Bitcoin Gold, ppl were spent after that will not consider. Thus we see that the sum of $20.5 billion Wealth is hypothetical, because most people believe that Satoshi will never take your coins. However, on paper, untouched billions of Satoshi Nakamoto put it in 37th place in the list of the richest people in the world. That’s more than Microsoft founder Paul Allen and only $5 billion less than George Soros.

So far the only Satoshi, officially included in the Forbes list of billionaires, cosmetic titanium Satoshi Suzuki. However, his condition is “only” $1.3 billion, and it is far 1567 place. If Bitcoin will reach $60 000, Satoshi Nakamoto become the richest person in the world, ahead of Warren Buffett and bill gates, whose state is $75.5 and $86 billion respectively.

Satoshi for Satoshi

If Satoshi Nakamoto is one person, and he’s still alive, most likely, he has no desire to spend their cryptocurrency. Based on the scarce data that we know about the Creator of Bitcoin, it’s not like he suddenly want to start living large. Whatever the goal, Satoshi, to become a billionaire playboy in his plans is not included. Given that he owns the largest number of BTC than anyone in the world, the last thing he needs is more bitcoins. But that’s exactly what happens every week for eight years – the number of bitcoins Satoshi is growing.

1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7Divfna — the same address that is associated with the primary unit or “Genesis block” (the first block in the chain the block chain is the primary unit (eng. genesis block) is treated as a separate case because it has no parent unit) – approx. Here it is January 3, 2009 came the world’s first 50 BTC. The transaction was marked as “No input (newly issued tokens)”. This address is kept 50 BTC and, like most of the addresses associated with Satoshi, they have not been transferred out. It is logical to assume that the account balance today and is 50 BTC. However, the Genesis of Bitcoin address more than 66,7 BTC that was transferred there via 1146 transactions.


Since the first days of Bitcoin, and even right now at the Genesis address consistently received BTC. The most part of transactions is tiny, although there are some large ones. In June 2012, with the wallet, Mt Gox, which once stored a total of 5.7 million bitcoin to the Genesis address was sent to 1.23 BTC. Thus, never used for output, a bitcoin address, what was sent to 16.7 BTC. What is it? Tips $250 000? Other addresses associated with Satoshi, also received anonymous transfers

Ironically, the first 50 coins from the Genesis block are not subject to transaction. According to the code block 0 (zero), as it is called, it is not added to the blockchain. Unknown, did Satoshi intentionally or not. Every time someone translates the address Satoshi bitcoins, he deliberately condemn these coins to perpetual imprisonment on the Genesis address.

The final intriguing fact about the primary block its mining lasted six days. On the old forum thread on the website Bitcointalk suggested, this is another deliberate focus of Satoshi, a kind of analogy to the biblical creation of the world in the Book of Genesis (eng. “Genesis” — approx.)

Send bitcoins to the address from which they cannot be withdrawn’t seem to make sense. However, senders do not think so. Here the meaning is not in the amounts and in the act itself. The Creator of Bitcoin has no Twitter account, and we do not know his email. Sending bitcoin to the Genesis address people Express Express its recognition:

Thank you, Satoshi, that made the events possible.

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