Strange but true: the Ukrainians ignored the petition for the legalization of cryptocurrency (document)

Strange but true: the Ukrainians ignored the petition for the legalization of cryptocurrency (document)

President Petro Poroshenko sent a petition to state regulation and taxation of the cryptocurrency in Ukraine, but for months she had collected a total of 129 signatures and 25 thousand is necessary.

As you know, in that case, if the case receives 25 thousand votes of citizens, the President is obliged to consider the proposal and official request to respond to it.

The author of this petition was the Ukrainian Alexander grin. Made public this initiative is 14 November 2017. The initiator of the petition asks the President to support the development of cryptocurrencies, posodeystvuem definition, in Ukraine the legal status of cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin) and related concepts such as trade cryptocurrencies, their production and use.

In his speech, Alexander notes that crypto currencies are already making by cryptanalytic operations, however, the question remains whether this occurs in the legal field. Since there is still no regulations governing the circulation of cryptocurrencies, and therefore there is no possibility to officially register their activity and pay taxes to the state budget.

“Please help Ukraine to become a leading country in this promising at the moment industries. Don’t miss this chance for our country”, – said the initiator of the petition.

Surprisingly, this petition is not interested in parties, because only got 129 votes. This at a time when the world bitcoin already to buy an apartment, go to the movies and pay my bills in cafes and restaurants.

At the same time, the number of Ukrainians, who were increasingly investing in the world of cryptocurrency is growing. In Ukrainian Parliament there are even three “kryptonate”: bitcoins they have identified in their electronic returns. Moreover, in September in Kiev appeared first terminals for sale Bitcoin, ahead thus the legalization of the digital currency, and some restaurant establishments have begun accepting cryptocurrency as payment on accounts.

Why not petition to collect signatures? Perhaps users simply did not take seriously the initiative of Alexander Greene as in the title a mistake. It would seem that this is just a typo, but social networking has managed to draw analogies from the familiar to the author of the petition with the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

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