Straight out of “Silicon valley”: the original Site notifies the races of Bitcoin

Straight out of “Silicon valley”: the original Site notifies the races of Bitcoin

In a recent episode of “Silicon valley” Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) admits that sometimes mines bitcoins, but only when the price rises above a certain value.

Notifies Gilfoyle the fluctuations in the prices special application installed on the computer. As soon as Bitcoin deviates from the threshold prices, the program starts to play the song “You Suffer” death metal band Napalm Death, the duration of 1.36 seconds. The song serves as the signal for him to start a mining farm.

Given the volatility of Bitcoin and the length of the song, it quickly goes to all the others.

Icelandic Viska Agency involved in design of websites, created their version of the application Gilfoil, which is so impressive as promised. Gudmundsson, sindri of Viska explained that the employees of his company are fans of the series and once a week gather to discuss the new episode. The app was developed by the guys “just for fun”.Team Viska wrote a simple Javascript plugin which monitors the data about the Bitcoin exchange rate on and then ustroila it in your WordPress site. On the development and implementation took about three hours. Now everyone can imitate Gilfoyle.

“We are all closely behind Bitcoin and enjoy this beautiful music every time he passes a certain threshold. And it always makes our day better” — shared his emotions Gudmundsson.

It’s hard to say he was joking or not, calling 1,36-used phrase “You suffer” beautiful music. If you believe the registers of the Guinness Book of records, the lyrics consists only of “You suffer but why?” Although for the average listener it’s more like “NUOOOOOH”.

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