Stolen in Iceland asik discovered in China

Stolen in Iceland asik discovered in China

600 missing in Iceland Asimov for bitcoin mining with a high probability at this point may be in China.

According to RUV, after the news of the seizure in China of 600 Asimov, the Icelandic police has written to the Chinese authorities a request for identification of equipment. The device was discovered by Chinese police in the district Tianjin after it has been marked by unusually high energy consumption in one of the abandoned factories.

The Chinese news Agency called the case “the biggest theft in recent years”, noting that the farm also confiscated eight powerful fans designed for cooling devices. Within a few months of work had been stolen energy for a few thousand yuan.

So far it is unclear whether asik seized in China, any relation to the Icelandic robbery. As previously reported, the equipment was stolen from three data centers in December and January, and officials have so far failed to find it. For any information that may lead to acicam a reward of $ 60,000.

The alleged organizer of the robbery needs to be extradited to Iceland from the Netherlands, where he was arrested after escaping to Sweden. As previously reported, Sindri tor Stefansson we took a taxi to the nearest international airport and left the country.

The aggregate value of the stolen items was estimated at 200 million kroons or 1 990 000$. The magazine “Iceland” called the incident “one of the largest criminal cases in Icelandic history.”

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