Stock exchange Deutsche Boerse has not yet set a date for launching a bitcoin futures

Stock exchange Deutsche Boerse has not yet set a date for launching a bitcoin futures

The largest exchange Germany Deutsche Boerse is considering launching a bitcoin futures but cannot tell time.

The cautious stance of Europe

Wednesday in review of the local economic magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the representative of the organizer of the market said that “significant fluctuations” of bitcoin is one of the factors that need to be addressed before a potential run.

The newspaper quotes her words:

“We are considering the possibility of introducing bitcoin futures, which investors and institutional investors can invest in bitcoin or deduct on account of declining prices in virtual currency.”

Bitcoin futures, which became a topic of discussion in many jurisdictions of the world this month, is a major factor in the price increase to $ 17000 after US lawmakers gave the green light to three such products in the beginning of the month.

CME Group will join the CBOE 18 December, opening adjustable impact bitcoin to wall street and other institutional investors.

Meanwhile, the reaction of the authorities in other countries were different. For example, Japan’s plan to start as soon as possible in stark contrast with the position in South Korea, which considered the possibility of a total ban of activities.

In the global context, the European Union took a cautious stance.

The stability of the heralds education CBOE ETF and ETN

According to reports WirtschaftsWoche previous guidance on the introduction of futures on Deutsche Boerse within “two to three months,” now seem premature.

“According to Deutsche Boerse, thought still not at the level where you can determine the timing” – as stated in the publication.

The main concern was the price fluctuation, as officials seek to avoid manipulation associated with periodic or intermittent courses.

Discussing the future of “traditional money” and bitcoin after the launch of futures on the CBOE, its head Edward Tilly said that the next step could be the creation of exchange traded funds (ETFs).

“I think the result may be the hype around the potential, exchange-traded funds and exchange traded bonds (ETN)”, – he said in an interview Wednesday.

Also, the publication indicates that in anticipation of the launch of futures CMEGroup increased initial margin requirements from 35% to 47%.

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