Steve Wozniak intends to “participate” in the blockchain project

Steve Wozniak intends to “participate” in the blockchain project

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak announced that he plans to “participation” in the blockchain the project.

ChainXchange at the conference, held in Las Vegas, USA, 13-15 August, Steve Wozniak said in an interview that he plans to participate in a blockchain project and appreciated the benefits of this technology.

I plan to participate in the blockchain of the company. <…> This is not a new cryptocurrency, or something like that. This is the proportion of shares in the company. This company invests in such things as apartment building in Dubai.

Co-founder of Apple then told of his obsession with blockchain technology:

All these projects are so independent! It’s like the Internet when it was just beginning… I was amazed by the technology behind it. <…> I spoke with the people who work on a variety of projects, financial, something like Uber. And every project is interesting and valuable, but only some are able to rate them. This is very reminiscent of the Internet in its first year of existence.

Wozniak also compared the platform Ethereum (ETH) with Apple’s App Store, as part of these projects, individual companies can develop and launch their own apps: “Ethereum provides tools for the application of the blockchain… People using Ethereum thus becoming more and more.”

Earlier this spring Wozniak said about blockchain technology as the bubble, although it is “decentralized and completely trustworthy”.

Despite this ambiguous position, Steve Wozniak admires the bitcoin, and believes that it is “the only digital gold.”

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